GrailPay Payment Configuration

Last updated on November 22, 2022

If you have not already installed GrailPay Payment Gateway Plugin in your store, follow this guide - GrailPay Payment Installation Guide.

You must first sign up for a GrailPay Merchant Account and gain access to the GrailPay Merchant Dashboard. Within your dashboard, you will generate and then save and keep the access token needed to configure the plugin.


  1. Login into WordPress admin panel with your Administrator role, the URL for admin panel should be {Base_url}/wp-admin.

  2. After login, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins from sidebar of WordPress admin. Then click on Settings of GrailPay Payment Gateway Plugin.

  3. You will click WooCommerce Payments, find GrailPay from list of payment methods. Then click on Manage button to configure the plugin.

  4. Enter your GrailPay Merchant Token into the Merchant Token Field and save the configuration by clicking Save button.

  5. That’s it! GrailPay Payment Gateway is configured successfully!

If you need help installing this module, contact support at [email protected]

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