Last updated on November 22, 2022

Support for WooCommerce v6.2.x, Wordpress v5.6.x and PHP v7.4.x

PHP 7.4 reached the end of support in November 2018. You may want to consider planning your upgrade of WooCommerce, WordPress and PHP to latest version to help maintain PCI compliance.

Extension installation from commerce marketplace

You must have the latest WordPress, if you use older version then you have to Upgrade it. To install latest WooCommerce plugin from plugin market place in WordPress or download it from the WordPress website and upload it.

GrailPay offers a WooCommerce Plugin for integrating our payment method, by following the steps in these guides:

  1. Install GrailPay Payment Gateway

  2. Configure GrailPay Payment Gateway

  3. Add GrailPay Widget

If you need help installing this module, contact support at [email protected]