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Last updated on November 22, 2022

Important: GrailPay support only USD as base current and allow to paying in USA only.

To offer your customers the benefit of paying with GrailPay, please first sign up for a GrailPay Merchant Account and gain access to the GrailPay Merchant Dashboard.

Install our Shopify Payment App, following these steps:

  1. Please ensure you are logged into your Shopify store as an Admin.

  2. Click on Settings from left sidebar menu.

  3. A popup will appear of settings, choose Payments option from settings tabs in left side of screen.

  4. When you scroll down to bottom, a button Add Payment Methods will appear. Click to continue to add GrailPay Shopify Payment App.

  5. In Add Payment Methods search bar, type GrailPay to list GrailPay Shopify Payment Method. Select GrailPay from list of payment methods.

  6. Then click on Activate green button to continue install GrailPay Shopify Payment App.

  7. You will be redirected to the GrailPay Connect Screen. Click Connect to continue installing the GrailPay Shopify Payment App.

  8. Click Install app to finish installation of GrailPay Shopify Payment App. You will be redirected to the GrailPay Merchant onboarding form.

  9. Enter/Paste the Merchant Token you copied from the GrailPay Business dashboard and click “Submit” to connect with GrailPay. If you don’t have a Merchant Token, please go to GrailPay Business dashboard.

  10. Shopify GrailPay Activation Page - To activate GrailPay Payment App, click on the “Activate GrailPay” button.

  11. That’s it! You have completed the integration of the GrailPay Shopify payment method.

If you need help installing this extension, contact support at [email protected]