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Last updated on November 22, 2022

Important: GrailPay supports only USD as base currency and allows for payment from US based customers only. GrailPay allows Shoppers to make purchases of $8000 or less, cumulative, per day per merchant.

To offer your customers the benefit of paying with GrailPay, you must first sign up for a GrailPay Merchant Account and gain access to the GrailPay Merchant Dashboard. Within your dashboard, you will generate and then save and keep the access token needed to install the app.

Install our Shopify Payment App, following these steps:

  1. Go to GrailPay Shopify App , and click on “Add app” button.

    You need to be logged in to your Shopify partner account in order to gain access to the GrailPay Shopify Payment App.

  2. A popup will appear to log in to your Shopify store where you want to install the payment app. Enter your Shopify store URL and Log in your store.

  3. After successfully logging in with your Shopify store, click the “Add app” button again.

  4. At the Shopify install app screen, click “install app” button to finish the installation. You will be redirected to GrailPay Merchant onboarding form.

  5. Enter the Merchant Token you saved from GrailPay Business dashboard by copying and pasting it into the form and continue to “Submit” to connect with GrailPay. If you didn’t generate Merchant Token, please go to GrailPay Business dashboard login and copy the token.

  6. At the Shopify GrailPay Activation Page., to activate GrailPay Payment App, click on “Activate GrailPay” button.

  7. That’s it! You have completed the GrailPay Shopify Payment Installation.

If you need help installing this extension, contact support at [email protected]