Paying a business via GrailPay Pay by Link

Last updated on November 22, 2022

Anyone from business to payers can pay directly to a business by the GrailPay Pay-By-Link service.

Follow this guide to use GrailPay Pay-By-Link service:

  1. A business will provide you a pay by link via SMS, email, invoice, web page or in any manner.

  2. Open the link in your favorite web browser, either on desktop, laptop or mobile.

  3. Fill in the two required fields: Invoice Number and Amount to pay.
    After entering details of your payment, please continue to click on ‘Continue & review’

  4. Now you can review your payment details. If something needs corrected, you can click on Edit.
    After reviewing your payment details, continue by clicking on ‘Pay now’

  5. You will be redirected to GrailPay Phone Verification Page. Enter your phone number associated with your mobile device.

  6. You will receive 6-digit code on your phone SMS, enter the code to complete phone number verification.

  7. If you have already registered with GrailPay and are returning, you will be redirected to Payment Confirmation Page.

    If you are new to GrailPay, you will be redirected to GrailPay Consumer Registration Page which is required to complete payment process. (one time simple setup)

  8. On the Payment Confirmation page, check your personal and payment details. If everything is correct, click ‘Confirm payment’ to complete the payment.

  9. That’s it! Your payment is done!

If you have any query regarding pay by link, contact support at [email protected]