Add GrailPay Widget to Magento

    Last updated on November 22, 2022

    GrailPay’s widget is automatically integrated as part of the extension. The widget will be displayed on Product Detail Pages, in the Cart and at Checkout Order Summary upon enabling GrailPay in Magento administration.

    Here are some screenshots of the widget in several areas:

    => Product Detail Page

    => Cart Page

    => Checkout Page

    Widget Does not Appear

    Have you tried refreshing the browser? If it still does not appear, please try flushing the cache.

    Many aspects of the widget can be customized. To find a complete list of items, please visit GrailPay Merchant Dashboard

    Widget configuration:

    1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > GrailPay > GrailPay Widget Setting

    2. Choose Enable, to display visit into several areas

    3. Click on Get Cashback to update GrailPay cashback into the store allowing the cashback for each item to be displayed in the product page

    Cashback is required for widget

    Cashback is necessary attribute to display visit in all areas into your website, to configure cashback please visit GrailPay Merchant Dashboard.